Key reasons you should be using marketing automation

Marketing tactics and strategies are always changing. As marketers, we are looking for ways in which we can improve leads and revenue and reduce time, cost and resources.

As the world of digital marketing develops and new tactics come about, it’s vital to ensure we are up-to-date. Performing the same tasks repeatedly can result in a reduction in productivity and efficiency. But, what if there was a way to make your life a little bit easier?

Marketing automation enables companies to focus on more than one task whilst also optimising lead generation. It will reduce time spent on your regular routine and focus instead on growing your business.

What’s not to like about it?

Customer Focused Marketing

The process of attracting customers and keeping them long-term does not need to be difficult. Making use of effective tools can certainly help make the process much easier for marketers creating tailored and personalised content! Keep reading to find out why you should be using marketing automation today.

The perfect solution for marketers

Marketing automation, if used correctly can provide you with a solution for increasing leads, sales and revenue.

Instead of spending time creating content that may not attract your potential customers, marketing automation will allow you to easily tailor content for your target audience.

In addition to making the process of attracting and converting customers smoother, marketing automation also:

  • Considers the needs of your customers
  • Interacts with customers regularly
  • Collects data for future analysis
  • Uses a range of tools to provide you with the best marketing approach
  • Focuses on lead management
  • Focuses on calls to action

Save time

Marketing automation allows you to save time so that you can focus more directly on your leads and look at improving areas which could benefit from closer attention.

It allows you to focus on more marketing campaigns and strategies and schedule posts ahead of time in a carefully planned out timeline.

One great advantage is that you can create a months’ worth of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn posts in one day, allowing you to focus on other tasks safe in the knowledge that your social media scheduling is taken care of.

Post regularly

Time-saving and regularity go hand in hand with marketing automation

Consistent and regular posts show customers that your account is fresh, up-to-date and active. Additionally, having a regular posting schedule will allow customers to engage with your posts. This ensures that your brand's representation is kept up to standard and customers are always aware of your brand across all platforms.

Landing pages

Creating a landing page can become a difficult task. With marketing automation, you can have a template that can be used flexibly for more than one landing page, which can be changed when required and optimised for your required audience.

Whether you are looking to optimise the landing page for mobile or desktop, having a library of templates ready to use could make the process much simpler.

Keeping in touch with clients

As technology evolves, people are expecting much more from businesses. Through marketing automation, you will have a clearer understanding of what the customers want.

Not only does this allow customers to receive personalised emails but it means that you are reaching out with products and services that interest them. If your content is targeted to your specific market, it also means they are more likely to engage with the content.

Specialised and tailored emails allow clients to feel like human beings, it also shows them that you care about their loyalty to your business.

Provides detailed reports

Marketing automation allows you to obtain large amounts of data, which can make it that much easier to create future successful campaigns.

The easy link between marketing and sales

Marketing automation has the benefit of allowing you to track your leads much more easily. The tools available to you allow you to view your entire marketing and sales from the first website visit to the closed deal. As a result, you can analyse data in much more detail and look at ways to the customer journey.

If you feel that one of your colleagues would benefit from marketing automation, why not share this article today?

Tuesday 7th August 2018

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