Why should you choose HubSpot?

Are you looking to keep your contact database organised? Launch effective inbound marketing campaigns? Or improve the processes in your customer support department?

HubSpot is an all-in-one platform that offers marketing, sales, and customer service tools. The platform features tools to support your business through blogging, email, marketing automation, SEO, sales automation and more to manage the entire lifecycle of customers.

HubSpot VS Competitors

There are many marketing platforms to choose from, and many businesses struggle to find the one that fits specific businesses' needs. The main goal businesses must consider is the continued understanding of their customers' needs.

Here's where HubSpot comes along, as it helps improve user experience by allowing your business to form deeper relationships with customers throughout their journey. Enabling you to improve your website and content through the provided insights of customer interactions. 

What makes HubSpot better than its competitors? We've come up with a list of competitors demonstrating the differences between HubSpot and other platforms.

HubSpot VS Marketo

Both HubSpot and Marketo offer powerful analytics tools, with Marketo being more technical, providing deeper analysis for strategic visibility. However, with HubSpot, you can compare marketing and sales analytics, compile cross-team reports and have more collaboration between sales and marketing within your company. So, the most significant difference between HubSpot and Marketo is that HubSpot bridges the gap between marketing and sales reporting.

HubSpot VS WordPress

The most significant difference between HubSpot and WordPress is that HubSpot was designed to support a complete inbound marketing strategy, and WordPress was developed from a blogging platform made into a wider CMS.

WordPress has some inbound support through the blogging and content creation tools, but it needs multiple plug-ins to implement a successful inbound campaign to compete with HubSpot. Whereas HubSpot includes those features and supports full-funnel inbound marketing.

HubSpot VS SalesForce

HubSpot has incorporated more valuable functions into its CRM, such as automated data entry and lead management, but SalesForce contains a more detailed and in-depth CRM. SalesForce was explicitly designed for sales teams but cannot be integrated with marketing software, making it less of a collaborative platform. In contrast, with HubSpot, your teams can more easily work together to achieve shared goals quickly. 

What is Pardot?

SalesForce offers Pardot, a marketing automation solution with tools for creating landing pages, forms, and posts on social media. HubSpot offers the same tools and can be integrated with SalesForce. Adopting a single platform can save time and create a better experience for your team as you'll minimise any data-sharing issues.

The level of efficiency that your business gains from using an all-in-one platform outweigh the costs in the long run. HubSpot is the only platform that can be used to progress digital marketing, connect to sales, and host your website to grow your business seamlessly and productively.    

Should you choose a HubSpot Inbound Marketing Agency?

ExtraDigital are a HubSpot-certified partner, meaning that we have demonstrated the understanding and skills required to make any client successful through HubSpot.

HubSpot-certified partners help you achieve sustainable and profitable growth by providing unique marketing strategies to attract, convert, and delight more customers.

Our expert knowledge of the HubSpot platform can help accelerate your business growth by managing the entire lifecycle of your customer. Contact one of our experts to discuss how we can improve your marketing performance.

Friday 26th August 2022

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