Emotional Marketing: Why should you use it?

Emotional Marketing might sound like a trendy buzzword, but it's proven that consumers like to purchase from real people. Emotional Marketing helps an audience connect to a brand by tapping into their emotions to make a memorable campaign and stand out from other businesses.

Let's take a further look into emotional marketing, what it is and why you should use it in your marketing strategy.

What is emotional marketing?

Emotional marketing utilizes methods that primarily use emotions to grab the audience's attention. This has been implemented often and usually with success over the years, such as the Always #LikeAGirl campaign to help women feel empowered and end the use of 'like a girl' as an insult, using anger over the use of the term as the primary focus.

Of course, it doesn't have to be challenging significant issues in society to be a good campaign, such as the Coca-Cola' Choose Happiness' campaign, which had the simple goal of associating the beverage with happiness. You can use almost any emotion to focus your campaign as long as you do it well.

Why does it work?

Emotional Marketing campaigns often tend to be shared more because they resonate with their audience. Chipotle, for example, is well known for appealing to humour and creating memes on their social media platforms that frequently get shared around. Some of these have even become global successes! Many remember the viral Old Spice adverts that used a bizarre sense of humour to become viral almost overnight, and now with the rise of TikTok, the campaigns are getting a new lease of life again.

Campaigns that can use emotional marketing well make you remember it for years to come. Our brains have strong links between emotions and memory, which get utilised in emotional marketing. If you have a story that your audience can connect with, it stays with them, and people can remember it years later.

How can I use it?

You can use emotional marketing in almost any campaign done right! You can start by thinking of the story of your business, giving your customers a story that they can sympathise with and relate to. That makes you relatable to them. Add this to your website, or in a series of social media posts, or any other campaign. One of the reasons emotional marketing works is because audiences like to buy from a person, giving a good story that resonates with an audience taps into that desire.

Using social media is a great place for emotional marketing as you can make content that's easy to share and get involved in the conversation. An excellent campaign can highlight your brand’s core values and draw in an audience that these values resonate with.

Ensure that all emotional marketing campaigns that you launch are run with sincerity and authenticity. If you're just jumping in on something that seems trendy without taking the time to understand it, your audience will know. For example, Pepsi caused much controversy with an advert starring Kendall Jenner around a time with many protests from the Black Lives Matter movement. Many felt the company hadn't taken the time to understand the issues being protested and gave off the wrong message as a result. Both Pepsi and Kendall Jenner ended up having to give formal apologies for the ad as the backlash was so severe, and many memes were mocking the campaign.

Remember, emotional marketing doesn't have to mean making political statements or comments on society. Sometimes it can just be something that makes us laugh or smile.

You can come up with a campaign that will create a community, tell a story, inspire people, or show how your products or services can project an ideal image. The possibilities are endless!

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Thursday 1st June 2023

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