What Tools do Hubspot Offer?

What tools does HubSpot offer?

HubSpot has become one of the most popular marketing and sales platforms worldwide as it offers many different tools and features that can benefit different aspects of your business.

The main idea behind HubSpot is to help improve your inbound marketing and lead generation efforts through one platform that collects all the data you need. Having all of your data in a centralised location allows you to analyse the success of campaigns better and track user behaviour, avoiding any data inconsistencies.

This article looks at HubSpot’s tools and features and how they are built to make a difference in every part of the buyer’s journey.


What are the tools and features?

HubSpot is designed to streamline the process of automating repetitive tasks and passing critical data between sales and marketing teams. HubSpot helps bridge the gap between marketing and sales, helping to integrate the teams better to work towards the same goals.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual hubs and how they work together.


Marketing Hub – CMS
The marketing Hub is a cloud-based service that brings all the digital marketing channels into one place. It connects all your marketing efforts such as social, email, content, etc., allowing you to have full oversight of your inbound campaigns. See where your campaigns are and aren’t working; this allows you to understand your audience more and therefore create and produce more compelling content.


What are the features of Marketing Hub?

  • Landing Pages - The templates for landing pages allow an easy creation process for the marketing team at any time
  • Emails - Create workflows and send automated and personalised emails
  • Social Media - Schedule posts across different platforms
  • Blogs - Create content that resonates with your audience
  • SEO - Rank higher in SERPs
  • Marketing Automation - Automated delivery of content engages and targets audiences
  • Analytics - Track and measure the performance of your campaigns
  • A/B testing - Make sure content resonates with your customers


Sales – CRM Hub

The customer relationship management (CRM) hub is a tool that allows businesses to keep track of prospects and lead activity through their buyer’s journey. With this tool, you can optimise and personalise campaigns from the data collected on a single platform. The CRM hub can assist your business in maximising potential opportunities through the marketing and sales funnel.


What are the features of CRM Hub?

  • Email templates - provided simple structure to mock up emails.
  • Email sequencing - triggered automated workflow emails by prospect’s actions.
  • Activity tracking - monitor customer interactions.
  • Live chats - allow you to build relationships with prospects and leads.
  • Schedule Meetings - sync your calendar to allow quick and easy bookings.
  • Pipeline visibility - view contacts based on their buyer’s journey.


Service Hub

The customer service hub gives you the tools to prioritise your customer experiences. It allows you to collect, organise and respond to customer requests to maintain valuable relationships and provide positive onboarding.

What are the features of Customer Service Hub?

  • Live chat - resolve customer issues/requests in real-time.
  • Conversational bots - respond to common customer issues automatically.


Operations Hub

Lastly, we wanted to mention the newest HubSpot addition designed to connect your applications and sync customer data across your business teams. This software ensures staff productivity by pushing automation features and eliminating manual tasks.

What are the features of Operations Hub?

  • Data synchronisation - sync all your platforms together. 
  • Data quality automation - automatically manages data across synced platforms. 


Does your business need a HubSpot partner agency?

HubSpot can be a lot to digest at once! It’s a powerful tool that can be intimidating when you don’t fully understand its tools. This is where HubSpot partner agencies come in, as they are fully trained and experienced with the platform. Marketing agencies will recommend and set up the best hubs that will fit in smoothly with your business.

Where you aware that ExtraDigital is a HubSpot partner? If you are struggling with the platform’s tools and features, our team members are ready to provide you with customised training. With our up-to-date knowledge, you can learn how to use this software to benefit your business. 

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Tuesday 16th August 2022

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