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In a world where every character has to be justified URL shorteners are just the best thing ever aren’t they! They take that super long address from an eCommerce site for those fantastic shoes you “just must have” and reduce it down into something that you are able to tweet or post about.

Some of them even let you customise the URL to increase trust, relevancy or even brand recognition, along with providing stats about who clicked what from where and when – useful information to run alongside the rest of the data you collect from your on-site analytics software.

So we decided to have a little round-up of the current crop and create an up-to-date URL shortening services list that contains tested shorteners that are still with us and working well. 

Our favourite go-to one is by far and away Bit.ly, as it has we feel the most feature set (bookmarklet, stats, bundling, customisation of URLs, even customisation of the domain name if you want), with Ow.ly from those fab guys at Hootsuite coming in a close second.

The URL shortening services list below has all the services we have tested to be currently working (March 2014), whether they include additional options and if they have bookmarklets to make your life a little easier.

Tweet us if you think we missed any other good ones.

Service NameHow links lookAdditional OptionsBookmarklet Available
Beam.to goto http://beam.to/ExtraDigital No No
Bitdo goto http://bit.do/extradigital No No
Bitly goto http://bit.ly/1g0w23V No No
Doiop goto http://doiop.com/ExtraDigital No No
Google Url Shortener goto http://goo.gl/ghE9mW No No
Is.gd goto http://is.gd/ExtraDigital No No
Metamark goto http://xrl.us/ExtraDigital Yes No
MooURL goto http://moourl.com/ExtraDigital Yes Yes
MyURL goto http://urlgator.com/ExtraDigital Yes No
Owl.ly goto http://ow.ly/u86Ko No No
Shorl goto http://shorl.com/jobrunahyprepru Yes Yes
ShortURL goto http://alturl.com/7rxpr Yes No
SnipURL goto http://snipurl.com/extradigital Yes Yes
Tight URL goto http://tighturl.com/78ou No Yes
tiny link goto http://tinylink.net/zb2nc No No
TinyURL goto http://tinyurl.com/extradigital No Yes
tr.im goto http://tr.im/4wl2f No No
u.to goto http://u.to/zltvBg No No
URl.ie goto http://url.ie/mnbr No No
x.co goto http://x.co/3zIKT Yes No
Yep It goto http://yep.it/extradig Yes No

Monday 3rd March 2014

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