Reducing Consumer Struggle for a Better User Experience

Have you ever been put off the idea of using your mobile with sites that you know full well that you will have to fill out a form? Whether this is checking train times or filling in application forms, many of us shy away from using our mobiles if there is another means of internet access available. The physical size of the phone and the way the site is built often leads to increased difficulty when using mobile sites, creating a poor user experience which can be damaging to brands.

This behaviour has been brought to our attention in a recent study by Econsultancy that shows that Two in five companies agree that 'delivering positive customer experiences is harder on mobile than the web'.

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Source: Econsultancy, June 2013

Its highlighted that the major issues in mobile lie with navigation and screen size, with most concern with filling out forms online (usually a long and tedious process) without the speed and convenience of desktop keyboards). The industry needs to look at the issues in mobile usage and iron out the creases to create better mobile user experiences for consumers.

Is Responsive Design the answer?

Lacklustre design has much to do with the screen sizing and navigational issues that are so common and great responsive design that allows users to navigate to the exact contact they need will go a long way in improving the aforementioned issues. A good webdesign agency such as ExtraDigital produce responsive designs are well thought about research thought to give your consumers the best mobile user experience possible.

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Wednesday 19th June 2013

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