Landing Page Optimisation: 9 Simple Tips

A landing page is a webpage that is specifically created for a marketing campaign; they can also be described as a "website page with a specific purpose".

There are various types of landing pages; however, all of them are designed with a common goal in mind which is to improve site traffic, gain more leads, and generate demands. If a company is planning to spread awareness about its products or services, then optimising landing pages is crucial.

But isn't landing page the same as a website's homepage?

The answer is very straightforward: No.

A website homepage has various information such as details about your business, products/ services offered, specialised pages such as blogs and online forums, and various navigation menus connected to other pages. Because it has so much information and is interconnected to all different pages of your site, homepages can be quite distracting.

Landing pages, however, are designed to present and promote a specific offer. These offers may be anything from the free trial, e-book download, demo, and more. These offers are usually offered to visitors in exchange for their information.

So, what makes a good landing page? Here, we have gathered some of our best tips which will help you design and optimise your landing page so that you can attract a larger number of leads and demands.

Capture Attention

A good landing page captures the visitor's attention and guides them as they make decisions, eventually turning them into a lead. To ensure that your visitors are not turning away from your landing page, start by creating a good headline that focuses on the benefits your visitors will gain. The headline should be the first thing your visitors should pay attention to, hence, promptly communicating the benefits can make a big difference.

Concise Imagery

Create images that portray offers and benefits on the landing page. Use images that create a visual representation of how your visitors will feel after receiving the offer.

Tip: If uncertain about which images you should use, try carrying out a test with different images. This way, you can determine how your customer reacts to different layouts and be able to pick the most effective.

Clear and Compelling

Like the images, make sure that the copy is clear yet appealing. It must have clear information about what the offers are and what information the company requires in exchange.

Tip: Using a word like "you", "your" and call to action statements like "download this" or "get free e-book" can improve engagement. Similarly, "call to value" statements informing your visitors about what the offers can do for them and how it can help them can help build trust.

Build Trust

When it comes to presenting information that is appealing to your visitors, try using social proofs such as testimonials or examples of positive outcomes from using the offers.

Persona-Specific Offers

Make the offers relevant to your business and your ideal customer. Your offers must attract a high-quality lead which will eventually convert into a paying customer. Offers that you are aiming to promote must stand out and be able to help your visitors find the right solution to their problem. Similarly, the offer must be able to obtain information that is valuable to your business.

Only the Essentials

Do not ask for information you do not require. If a name and an email address are sufficient, then there is no need to ask for more.

Remove Distraction

Remove any distractions from the page. Try to avoid adding any links and extra navigational menus which will divert the traffic to another page. This way, your visitors will be able to focus on the landing page alone.


These landing pages are usually accessed through 'call to action' marketing activities from social media posts or email marketing, which means most of the traffic will likely come from mobiles. Therefore, you must ensure that your landing pages are accessible in all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

A/B Testing

Try creating different versions of your landing page. These can be designed to target different audiences from different locations and demographic backgrounds. This way, you will be able to appeal to different kind of visitors, increasing the likelihood of gaining more leads.

So, there you are, all our best tips on optimising your landing pages.

Are you planning to promote your business through an online marketing campaign (PPC) and looking for a little guidance on where to start? Get in contact with our marketing specialists today; we will be more than happy to help.

Tuesday 15th September 2020

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