Websites with Highest KPIs

A look at the websites with some of the highest KPI scores based on the ExtraDigital KPI tool.

The KPI counter is a useful tool that will help analyse a website or webpage and tell you how many KPIs can be usefully measured on this page. A KPI is a type of performance measurement. KPI's evaluate the success of an organization or of a particular activity in which it engages [Source:Wikipedia].

Some example webpages with good KPI's

As you'd expect, Google have many pages with a high KPI. One such page is part of the Google maps and  has a KPI of 10.

webpage with a high KPI score

Content rich websites do well.

Many scientific or research based websites have a particularly high KPI score. We have found a Live Science webpage with a very high KPI of 59.

webpage with a very high KPI score

The BBC website has many pages with high KPI scores of over 20. The webpage about the  programme 'Spy in the Huddle' has a KPI core of 29.

BBC webpage with a high KPI score

ExtraDigital's own website have some pages with quite good KPI's. One of the top performers is an article on Google search from 2 years ago with a  KPI of 11. The KPI tool has a graphical version, providing a visual representation of the webpage KPI score,

Further Developments on the KPI Toolkit

Detailed research on the accuracy of the KPI tool shows some webpages with a higher than expected KPI score. This is because the KPI Tool version 1 is including all varieties of penguin rather than correctly identifying King Penguins. Version 2 of the King Penguin Index (KPI) Toolkit will include a more accurate check on type of penguin.


Wednesday 1st April 2015

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