How can HubSpot improve your Inbound Marketing?

In today’s technologically advanced environment, marketing is constantly changing. It’s time for business owners to adopt digital marketing methods and ditch the traditional era of TV commercials and newspaper print.

Inbound marketing, and digital marketing in general, can be a tough mountain to climb and figure out for current business owners. This article hopes to provide you with clarity on inbound marketing and how HubSpot can help you with the right tools to grow your business.

What is Inbound Marketing?

A business can expand by providing value and establishing trust by using the inbound marketing strategy to attract, engage, and delight customers. The marketing tactics used for inbound marketing are search engine optimisation, blogging, and social media and content marketing.


The flywheel model, the new structure for your inbound marketing initiatives, is based on these three stages:

  1. Attract: Creating content that is high quality, relevant, and bursting with value for your readers will attract potential customers’ attention.
  2. Engage: It's essential to interact with leads in a way that will encourage prospective customers to build a lasting relationship with you. According to HubSpot, the ‘Engage’ Phase focuses on “presenting insights and solutions that align with their pain points and goals, so they are more likely to buy from you”.
  3. Delight: The ‘Delight’ phase makes sure that clients are content and satisfied, creating a long-term partnership; this is done by continuing to build a relationship with your customers after they’ve made a purchase

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound platform that is created to assist your business with marketing and sales.

The platform is cloud-based, meaning that all your company’s digital marketing activities can be kept in the platform. Marketing activities such as hosting a website, blogging, email marketing, and social media posting can all be achieved on HubSpot’s platform.

Furthermore, companies can control every step of the client experience, from initial contact to closing the sale.

How can HubSpot Improve your Inbound Marketing?

HubSpot’s complete CRM gives you integrated tools and software, such as a content management system, for operations, marketing, and sales teams. Here are some of the key ways that HubSpot can improve your business’s inbound marketing:


Automation allows the software to automatically deliver marketing content without your involvement; this frees up time for other business activities. Some of the key automation features are:

  • Lead nurturing email campaigns
  • Uncomplicated workflow customization and visualisation
  • Workflow Integration
  • Sales Automation
  • Omnichannel marketing software


Gaining a data-driven understanding of how your customers use your website is simple with HubSpot’s analytics. For instance, you may use any number of metrics to create 300 unique personalised dashboards exclusively for your team.

Additionally, you may generate reports to keep tabs on your time, and financial outlays, show how much business you expect to have in the pipeline in the coming days and weeks, and evaluate the success of your campaigns, social media outreach, and blogging.

Marketing and Sales Hub

By starting inbound marketing campaigns and boosting sales with the help of the Marketing Hub, HubSpot's marketing hub lays the groundwork for drawing in and keeping new consumers.

This process entails luring prospective clients, turning site visits into leads, and turning prospects into clients.

Moreover, the marketing and sales teams can communicate with each other easily thanks to the HubSpot platform. The following are the main advantages:

  • Smooth communication between the marketing and sales departments
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Clearly identify the methods and tools delivering the best results.

Our Inbound Marketing Services

We provide a comprehensive inbound marketing service at ExtraDigital. In order to generate engaging and industry-specific content that will help you establish your brand as an authority in your sector and produce high-quality leads, we thoroughly research your company and aim to understand your business goals.

Tuesday 6th September 2022

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