An eCommerce System with built in structured meta data

What makes a good eCommerce system?

Ease of use, features and robustness are all important factors. But a successful online shop requires high visibility and that means a high ranking in the search engines.

Increasingly important for SEO and online marketing will be structured data markup for products. The ExtraCMS eCommerce and products modules can include this feature within the product pages on your shop.

ExtraCMS developments

The ExtraCMS is the latest version of the rebranded CornishCMS. Nearly two years ago, ExtraDigital started using microdata (structured meta data) for events, reviews or articles, people,  organisations and recipes on some websites.

This work has been gradually extended to incorporate other forms of microdata, of which the most important one is the product module. This enables all the product data to be correctly created on a page which is very beneficial for eCommerce SEO.

Microdata also help the products to show in extra areas of search results. Looking at Asian search engines (who are ahead of Google in some areas) they are dividing up search results into segments (rather like a library) and website using product microdata will have a great advantage.

Structured product markup data

The ExtraCMS product module can make use of the microdata schema, based on the standard agreed formats. Product information is divided into the product and the offer (the specific price). The types of information included are:

  • Product name
  • Image
  • Description
  • Brand
  • Category
  • Identifier (or sku)

The offer details include:

  • Price
  • Currency (using the 3-letter ISO format)
  • Price valid until
  • Seller
  • Condition
  • Availability
  • Quantity (how many available for this offer)

Contact ExtraDigital for help in developing an online shop that includes products marked up with structured data. Call us on 01227 686898 or fill in our webform and we will get back to you.

Tuesday 23rd July 2013

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