Building a compelling Story for Your brand

One of the biggest things to remember with any marketing style is that people like to feel they're buying from a person, not a brand. Building a compelling story for your business can be a huge help; however, knowing precisely how to go about this can be challenging.

Let's look at how to build a compelling business story.

Where to Start

There are many different ways to build a story, and there are no set rules on exactly what a story should include. However, by following a few guidelines, businesses can create a compelling message which resonates well with their audiences and encourages them to convert to become valued customers or clients.

When conveying your message, you should be showcasing your brand values, what motivates your team, and proactively engaging with your customers to make your audience remember you.

Storytelling can take time and effort, but it will give your audience a sense of shared identity when you do it well. You can share an achievement story about where your company started and how it gained success to show off your brand in a setting that feels humbler and more appreciative.

While many statistics show why certain marketing aspects work, storytelling appeals to the parts of our brains that uniquely make decisions as consumers will trust their feelings over fact. This is why brand loyalty is based on emotion rather than other brand attributes.

Explore more about how emotions can be utilised in marketing here.

Every brand can tell a unique story to help promote their business, even the most 'boring' ones. You can take a few steps to find your brand's story to help you present your business with an idea you’d like to be associated with your brand. 

Finding your Story

First, it's essential to consider what you offer and who your brand is for?

It's essential to think about this as it defines who you're creating your message for, and it will help figure out the next steps of your story. What's driving them to make a purchase? How are they discovering you, and most importantly, why is your business different from the others? Use this as a chance to highlight your brand values and give an insight into your team.

Next, it's essential to ensure you understand your audience. Take the time here, if you haven't already, to understand your target audience well. You need to understand their goals, ambitions and aspirations to make an authentic story that appeals to them. Once you have this understanding, you can start analysing the ways these desires of your target market match up with your brand's values and create a story that highlights where they overlap.

You can utilise social media and interact with your audience directly to help with this campaign too. You can use real examples from previous customers or contributions from your audience, or you can make fictionalised representations of them. Asking your audience to contribute to your brand's story can make them feel more involved in the process and encourage enthusiasm around your brand.

Building the Story

Now you've got your foundations down. You can begin crafting your story! Think carefully about the format you'll choose and how best to structure your story to appeal to your target audience. Above all, remember to adapt your story to the format you're using to ensure that audiences receive content they’ll enjoy and engage with.

If you're struggling to develop a way to tell your business's story and come up with a strong marketing campaign, our experts at ExtraDigital can help. Get in touch to discuss your needs, and let us create a campaign that suits your business. 

Monday 4th July 2022

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