A look into Inbound Marketing

Everyone in the industry is talking about Inbound Marketing,
but how do you know it works?

While most of it is done behind the scenes, it’s hard to tell form the outside what’s going on. So, ExtraDigital is prepared to let you in on the secrets and give you the proof you so desperately need. We’ll talk you through the ins and outs of inbound marketing and give examples of our case studies with real clients and real results!

First off, let’s just clarify what Inbound Marketing is. It's the process of attracting the attention of prospects, via content creation, before they are even ready to buy; it's one of the best and most cost-effective ways to convert strangers into customers and promoters of your business.

Think of it as your business joining the conversation to pull potential customers in, rather than pushing your product/service onto the customers, like many traditional techniques (cold calling, spam emails, interruptive ads).

Pay-Per-Click ads, SEO, content management, social media campaigns, blogging, and keyword analysis are among some of the tactics that can be implemented in an inbound marketing strategy.

Content is Key!

It’s all about providing helpful, engaging content that your target audience will want to read. This leads them to your site, where CTA’s can turn them into leads and/or buyers.

Showing strangers that you are here to help them, not just for their money, creates trust with your brand. Blogging is one of the best ways do this, joining the conversation and growing brand awareness.

For example, if you run a dog grooming business, you can write blogs comparing the best shampoo for dog owners to use, which ones to avoid, and any other tips. The next time they are looking to buy, they will think of your helpful blog and return for the purchase.



SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is another great way to build traffic on your sight. SEO involves optimizing your website to have a higher ranking on google search engine, allowing your page to pop up above others when customers are searching for the solution your business provides.

For example, in 2014 we were sought out by a leading tile company to improve SEO work on their magneto eCommerce website. As a result, the company saw a 106% increase in organic traffic than the previous January, 221% increase in conversion rates in 12 months, 564% more transactions than the previous year, and the bounce rate was brought down to an ideal average for an eCommerce store.

Feel free to have a look at the full case study.

Social Media as a Conversion Tool

Social Media Management is a great conversion tool that every business should be involved with. It is a great place to turn leads into customers. Each like on your Facebook may or may not already be customers- those who are not, we defiantly want to turn into customers!

Having engaging content is the best place to start, providing graphics and videos, and also linking you blogs! This again generates traffic back to your website and gives a face to your company. You can talk with customers, post CTA’s, sales, and coupons, and it allows for a place where customers can leave reviews.

 Our client, Supreme Pet Food, sought us out to create a new Facebook page. Their goals were to increase brand awareness, achieve a high level of engagement on the page, and enhance traffic to websites. Over six months we were able to increase FB page likes by 60%, provide 70k impressions, and managed 8k post engagements.

Check out the case study to read about how we did it!

HubSpot Partner

Here at ExtraDigital we are advocates of the Inbound Methodology and are proud to be a HubSpot Partner Agency. HubSpot is the leading light for all things Inbound. Around 2014, the team at HubSpot noticed a shift in how people were shopping. Buyers now have the power and sellers need to change tack to keep up with this modern, well-informed shopper.

To combat this shift in how people were shopping and engaging with sellers HubSpot created a suite of tech. The HubSpot growth stack enables marketers to get a clear insight into the leads and help build a picture of the prospects as they navigate the sales funnel. They created a platform so all marketing efforts can be attributed to a single campaign in order to show true performance and ROI.

More recently they have added Customer Service features that blow the competition out the water. The software ensures you are looking after your customer well beyond the sale, incentivising repeat purchases and creating brand champions who will sing your praises.

This is all bolted together by a CRM that is a delight to use and when configured can make many day-to-day tasks redundant.

To learn more about HubSpot and how a Partner Agency like ExtraDigital can help you get set-up on the road to increased leads and sales, call today. Alternatively, you can read more about our Inbound Marketing Service and HubSpot Onboarding experience.

These are only a few of the techniques and benefits of Inbound Marketing, but we hope that you’re more comfortable with what it is and what it’s all about! If you’d like to find more real-life results, visit our case studies page.

We love to share what we’ve been up to with our clients! If you’re already thinking about an Inbound Strategy for your business, we’d love to help!

Give us a call and let’s start sharing ideas.

Sunday 8th December 2019

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