Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Healthcare marketing is a unique, recent advancement in digital marketing. It has progressed significantly from traditional marketing methods to embrace a contemporary, social media-focused, and inbound approach.

Though healthcare marketing was once considered a slow adopter to the world of digital marketing, it is safe to say that it has now caught up with the times and is continuing to evolve.

Healthcare marketing is imperative – for obvious reasons – but taking on the role of promoting a healthcare organisation’s services, latest research & innovations and dishing out simple public health advice comes with a profound responsibility. Imagine, a life could be saved!

As a healthcare marketing agency, ExtraDigital has been working along-side world-renowned healthcare organisations for many years, and we continue to do so. Here’s why.

Understanding the Goal

Understanding the Goal

Really understanding the organisation’s mission and long-term vision is critical – it will be reflected in any marketing strategy you put together, especially when it comes to social media.

At ExtraDigital, our expertise within the healthcare sector has allowed us to truly realise the impact we have on our audiences’ lives. We are driven by a true sense of responsibility for the healthcare organisations we represent.

Read more on our inbound approach to healthcare marketing.

Exercising an Accurate Social Voice

This is invaluable when it comes to healthcare in social media. By having a precise, current voice, we are able to deliver brilliant pieces of content at the right time and create new levels of engagement with our audiences.

ExtraDigital has proven to successful at crafting social media campaigns which educate, resonate with, and encourage audiences to interact.

And it gets better – as a multilingual marketing agency, we have particularly excelled in the Arabic market in the Middle East. Find out more about our Arabic social media marketing work with the pioneers in Cancer research and treatment, The Royal Marsden.

Demonstrating ROI

Marketing budgets for healthcare organisations tend to be under constant scrutiny, though marketing remains at the core of the success of healthcare organisations nowadays.

Consistently communicating the relevant metrics to the project and exceeding projected ROIs, we have been able to sustain and grow a - healthy - portfolio of healthcare clientele.

As healthcare marketing leaders, we demonstrate the value of the work we do, and we continue to showcase our successes with our clients.

Hence, we are at the pinnacle of healthcare marketing.

Thursday 5th July 2018

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