The Power of Video Marketing in eCommerce

The eCommerce market is becoming increasingly competitive, and brands have even less time to capture potential customers' attention. As a result, businesses need innovative strategies to attract and retain their audience’s interest.

Video marketing is a new in-favour tool for many brands, as it engages their audiences and has been known to boost conversion rates significantly. Videos can showcase products, tell your brand's story, and connect with consumers on a more personal level.

Why video?

1)     Visual appeal – Videos provide a dynamic, immersive experience that allows potential customers to see products and brands for themselves

2)    Increased engagement – Studies have shown that videos capture and maintain customer attention better than text or image ads, and engaged audiences are more likely to convert

3)    Trust – Seeing is believing. Videos provide a real-world view of what customers can expect. Reducing uncertainty at this stage builds confidence for when potential customers get to the purchasing decision stage

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Five effective video marketing formats

Product demonstrations

Product demos and “how-to” videos show your products in action. Use these videos to demonstrate how your products work, highlight their key features, and explain their real-world applications. Not only will customers then be able to understand your products better, but it will encourage them to visualise themselves using it.

Behind-the-scenes footage

Have a fun office culture or an interesting manufacturing process? Give consumers a glimpse behind the curtain by introducing team members to put a face on your brand or offer a tour of one of your locations. Humanise your business and make it more relatable to the outside world.

Customer testimonials and reviews

Encourage satisfied customers to share their positive experience with your brand and your products in a video format that (with their consent) you can share on your website and social media platforms. Authentic customer testimonials build trust in your brand. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your loyal customer base for this content and get sharing across your marketing channels.

Interactive videos

Looking to boost engagement? Incorporate interactive elements into your video content, such as clickable links, quizzes, or polls, encouraging audience participation. These elements make the experience more dynamic and memorable.

Live streaming events

Use live streaming platforms to connect with your audience in real-time through product launches and demonstrations or interactive Q&A sessions. Not only do these videos drive audience engagement, but they also create a greater sense of exclusivity and brand community.

Our top tip!

No matter which video format you choose, always ensure that your videos are optimised for mobile viewing. As more users access content on mobile devices rather than desktops, you must ensure that your videos load quickly on various devices and are formatted for various screen sizes. Also, keep accessibility in mind by remembering to use subtitles.

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Analysing video KPIs

Tracking your KPIs as you would with any other campaign is essential to evolve your video marketing strategy where necessary.

Here are a few key metrics that may be relevant to your video campaigns:

  • View count – How many times has your video been viewed?
  • Watch time – How much time have people spent watching your video?
  • Click-Through Rate – What percentage of viewers took the desired action after watching your video?
  • Conversion Rate – How many viewers turned into customers?
  • Engagement metrics – Likes, Comments and Shares represent how well your video resonates with your audience.

Video marketing can transform your eCommerce business by creating engaging, informative, and authentic videos that connect with your audience, build trust, and drive conversions. Remember to regularly monitor the performance of your video campaigns as you would with other marketing campaign types and adapt your strategy for optimised performance.

Interested in the power that video marketing could give to your eCommerce brand? Contact ExtraDigital today.

Wednesday 20th March 2024

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