Webmaster Tools Rebranded to Google search console

It’s the end of an era for Google Webmaster tools. For nearly 10 years webmaster tools has been a household name for agencies and webmasters alike, providing us with great tools to manage our websites. Webmaster tools has had an awesome run, but Google is looking towards the future, rebranding to ‘Google search console.’ Check the shiny new logo:

google search console

Why the Rebrand?

Cast your memory to back in the day when webmaster tools was all but a way of submitting sitemap files – this irreplaceable tool has really come along way.

This may come as grievous news to those who hate change. Why!? I hear you screaming out. The reason is simple – webmaster tools is seeing a dynamic shift in its user base. It turns out that the traditional idea of the ‘webmaster’ is outdated. The user base is so diverse, from small business owners, SEO experts and marketers to programmers, designers and developers alike. The rebrand serves to better reflect the diverse nature of its user base and appeal to a wider variety of users. Enter the Google search console.

What does this mean for webmaster tools users?

Absolutely nothing else has changed except for the name however, Google will continue to frequently add new features and constantly evolve the tools to help agencies like us provide and interpret key information about your website.

This change is due to be rolled out in the coming weeks so keep your ears to the ground. 

Thursday 21st May 2015

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