The Importance of Email Marketing for eCommerce

Email marketing is not a new tool for the purpose of email marketing and improving the sales in both ‘brick and mortar’ and eCommerce stores. Despite this and several predictions of its decline in recent years, it is, in fact, stronger than ever.

The use of email marketing and the returns from email marketing could not be better or stronger than they are today.

The Importance of Email Marketing for eCommerce

Many large companies are investing heavily in email campaigns due to the low costs, (when compared to other online marketing activities), and the ability to target particular segments and products/services.

Even social media giants like Twitter and LinkedIn, who are pushing the use of social media as a marketing channel, still carry out email marketing regularly. They know the power that these emails have to drive customers back to their channels and highlight new elements and their functions.

Naturally over the years, much to its credit, email marketing has evolved to make the most of the current technological advances. Elements such as embedded ‘buy now’ buttons have led email marketing recipients straight to your online store; even the ability to personalise emails through segmentation has allowed for companies to send out highly targeted emails to select customers at a low cost.

The very fact that email marketing is so versatile and can be adapted to suit the company, the recipient and the latest technology proves that it is here to stay.

The Future of Email Marketing

The Future of Email Marketing

Future predictions of email marketing state that we will soon be able to send emails to customers who will be able to make purchases within the email without the need to send them to eCommerce stores to complete the purchase.

Google already has the technology in place to allow customers to pay directly inside emails – it is called Pony Express. Just how long will it be before this kind of action is commonplace?

This means that email will become more than a traffic source - it looks like it may be one of the largest transactional channels that businesses can benefit from.

How Can I Use Email Marketing?

One of the greatest things about email marketing is that it is a marketing activity that is open to everyone. With email marketing, you can target 1 or 2 customers, or 1000's of customers, with the same amount of effort and care.

To make the most of email marketing then simply contact the team here at ExtraDigital today. We have the experience of working on several email marketing campaigns for a wide variety of customers.

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Sunday 11th December 2016

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