Four Factors to Make your eCommerce Store a Success

We often get asked just what can happen to make any eCommerce website a success.

To help you out we have looked back over our own eCommerce websites and have narrowed down the following four factors that should make your eCommerce store a success.

Focus on the Quality & Layout

Content to make your eCommerce store a success

The Content

We all know that having good quality content is important, after all, Content is King.

Care should be taken to craft brilliant content that is of good quality, relevant to the customer and shareable.

Hitting the mark with quality content will enable your website to be easily accessible for many and capture your customers' attention when they are on your website.

Good presentation and layout to make your eCommerce store a successThe Presentation/Layout

How this information is presented on your website is just as important. If quality information is presented well, for example in bite size pieces, it can increase the reach of the information and how it is perceived. Equally, if quality information is presented poorly it can appear spammy or uninteresting.

This is why the presentation of content should be considered in any design process for an eCommerce website, and why it should be considered when fresh content is created for an eCommerce website.

Relevant to customer to make your eCommerce store a successRelevance to Customer

Both the content and the layout of all content on eCommerce websites should be relevant to your customer and their preference for receiving information.

If you have an eCommerce website that caters to more than one type of customer then your website’s content and layout must not suit all. This is where having the same content viewable on videos, infographics and traditional text can be a help.

Spend your Money Well

For any eCommerce stores, no matter what target audience they have or what kind of industry they operate in, we have always found that those that succeed are the ones who have spent their money well.

It comes as no surprise that people make up their opinion about a website and its associated brand within seconds of landing on any website. Research shows it is just two-tenths of a second!

Online websites need to build instant credibility and you cannot do this without spending your money on good, attractive website design on a good eCommerce platform.

Spend your money on good website design and function

It is very easy to create a website these days, indeed you can do it yourself with free website builders. However, when something is as cheap as that you are bound to run into problems and it will see you spending more time on website designs than you had originally planned, in order to avoid ending up with a website that looks amateurish.

The biggest tip we can give you is to not cut corners when it comes to your website’s design. Hire a good eCommerce agency that has a history of creating great eCommerce designs and work with them.

Treasure SEO

Most online purchases begin with a search in one of the many search engines, (most likely Google though).

Due to this you should treasure SEO and seek it out as much as possible.

Treasure SEO for successful eCommerce

The best ongoing sources of reliable and cost-effective traffic to any eCommerce website will always be through SEO and organic traffic.

Your website should be built with marketing in mind, (all of ours are), and continuous focus and resources should be placed on SEO and the improvement of it.

The most successful websites in the world are ones who have understood the need for…

  • continuous marketing
  • creating strong, good quality, unique and shareable content
  • ensuring the website is optimised from the code up
  • encouraging white hat SEO tactics to improve ranking positions and the volume of useful traffic sent to the website

This is all possible through SEO and is something that all reputable marketing agencies, (like ExtraDigital), understand.

Get Blogging

To feed both an individual and search engine’s desire for fresh and high-quality content a blog is fantastic.

Blogging can help target your website to specific customers and drive them to your website ready to convert.

Get Blogging

Blogs can be relatively simple to set up and allow the website more flexibility with its content without the need for new standalone pages on the website. Graphics are needed to help break the text up and give your readers a visual understanding of what is happening.

Putting those four factors into place with your eCommerce store should see it tick all the boxes that it needs to succeed. You can learn more about what customers want in an eCommerce store in our blog post – ‘What do Customers want in an eCommerce Store?’.

We can help you implement these four factors and more to help your eCommerce store succeed. Simply contact the team here at ExtraDigital today and tell us about your project – we can be reached at 01227 68 68 98 or via the contact fields below.

Tuesday 20th December 2016

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