Easter Eggs on ExtraDigital

Easter eggs are not just made of chocolate!

So what are Easter Eggs?

“Easter eggs” is the name given to hidden bits of information inside websites, DVDs, games and even business software.

The “secret add-ons” are often little jokes included by programmers who have worked for some time on not-too-interesting code development. They are a way for programmers to show off what they can really do.

Examples of Easter Eggs

The following are some of the more famous Easter Eggs:

  • Psychedelic flight simulator in Microsoft's Excel 97 which led to a black monolith on which scrolled the names of the programming team.
  • Driving game in Excel 2000
  • Easter Bunny in Google Search

Easter eggs and search marketing

What Easter Eggs are on the ExtraDigital website?

Easter Eggs are less fun when too easy to find.

But the author of this article is aware of at least half a dozen on the ExtraDigital website.

Happy Egg Hunting.

PS: The CornishWebServices website had some different Easter eggs. These included a mirror (in 2009) and directions to a grate (in 2008).

Sunday 12th April 2009

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