Responsive eCommerce Design for Leading Catering Equipment Provider

ExtraDigital have recently completed the redesign and development of and  The new designs are both fully responsive, allowing users to purchase quality catering equipment on their phones, mobiles or desktops.

Responsive Design for Catering


The most recent trend in the digital industry for the past 2 years has been a shift towards mobile phone usage. With the advancement of smart phone usage, an increasing number of shoppers are using their mobiles to purchase goods on the go. With this trend in mind Advantage Catering Equipment looked to redesign their websites to tap into the vast potential that mobile and tablet portrays.

Why did Advantage Catering need a responsive design?

  • More than 20 percent of Google searches are now being performed on some sort of mobile device (Smart Insights)
  • It is predicted that in 2014 mobile Internet usage is expected to overtake desktop usage. (Smart Insights)
  • 21% of the visitors to the Advantage Catering website came from mobile devices in the past 12 months (Google Analytics)

Our Approach

Responsive design is not just about squeezing the elements of the desktop design onto smaller screens. It’s important to understand that users searching on a mobile device may want to find different information to that which is on the desktop.

With this in mind ExtraDigital:

  • Found out which information/products users are actually looking for on the site using analytics, comments from staff
  • Carried out some competitor analysis to see the features of other websites that could be improved, adopted and applied
  • Discovered the Key USP’s of Advantage Catering and noted what set them apart from the competition. We then made sure these USPs were prominent, with clear call to action and user journey
  • Collected all the information below to create a modern design that fits the needs of those accessing the site across different platforms
  • Applied the design onto a preview website and tested the usability and new mobile menu system
  • We put the site live and quickly rectified any unforeseen teething issues that had arisen.


ExtraDigital quickly produced a fully responsive design, incorporating the information collected as well as specific client requests (such as the inclusion of lease price). The design followed the existing branding closely. The design elements included modernisation of the product attribute icons and a scrolling special offers section to give the pages a dynamic effect. We also slight adapted the design to fit, making sure the second site was instantly recognisable as an Advantage Catering equipment brand.

The speed at which the design was created and applied was a key factor in this project. Magento redesign projects are traditionally long winded and require a lot of work. The redesign and development of 2 websites was completed within 2-3 months.

ExtraDigital can take your existing website and have you capitalising on mobile and tablets traffic to help your business to generate a higher volume of sales and leads. Get in touch with us today at +44 01227 68 68 98.




Thursday 31st July 2014

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