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Speaking from personal experience, it has been very difficult to get hold of particular tablet PC’s over the Christmas period. Retailers experienced an unprecedented level of demand of which was not matched by the supply, at least until after Christmas. The fact that these tablets PC’s were so difficult to get hold of raises significant questions for marketers in 2013 with regards to the popularity of mobile websites, browsing, search activity and strategies. Here are some of the facts according to ‘mobithinking:’

  • It is predicted that 122.3 million tablets were sold in the year 2012. This number will eventually rise to 172m by the end of 2013 and 282.7 by 2016.
  • Smartphones shipped in 2011 have increased by 61% to 491.4 since 2010. Significantly more handsets were shipped in 2012.
  • Mobile internet subscriptions had a 66% share in 2011 and there is an increasing preference for mobile internet devices, predicted to rise to 76.” In 2016.
  • A Google study recently showed that 71% of smartphone users will access the internet and do a search after they see and ad on TV for a particular service or product.

All these statistics and high demand for mobile devices point to an obvious conclusion that we all know, there is a significant amount traffic to be gained from the use of mobile websites accessed via tablets and smartphones. This does not mean that desktops will become obsolete, but businesses should be implementing a strategy which integrates both the mobile website and traditional website in order to have full coverage of the target audience.

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Friday 4th January 2013

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