Getting the Most from your Website

Is your website working for you? Does it generate enough leads and sales? Is it easy to use for both you and your customers?

Many websites have simply been designed to look pretty with little thought given to the functionality and performance. You used to love the design, but now you dread logging in to making changes and may even avoid doing big updates because you’re worried the site will break.

Websites that Work for You

Getting a website that works for your business means understanding clearly both your customers and your goals.

Knowing what key people want out of your website means you can create both a design and functionality that makes things easy and fast. By key people I mean you don’t want to be all things to everyone you need to prioritise.

For example, you want to support the audience groups who make the biggest orders or the best leads. Getting to know these groups in detail can make a huge difference to how you structure your website and the sort of content you include.

In addition, you want to be able to update and manage your site easily, automating tasks where you can to save time. Added to this are all the best practice guideline and legal requirements like GDPR.

Knowing what you need as well as what you want is the first step to making improvements.

Dream Website v Real Website

Getting your website from knowing what you want, to doing what you want isn’t always a quick journey. Sometimes you need to start from scratch, other times a phased schedule of improvements is preferable.

Whichever approach you choose your going to need a development team you can trust that offers:

  • Close collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Solutions not problems
  • Approachable and supportive

When you have the support of a great development team you know you’re one step closer to making the dream reality.

Being Realistic

Online nearly all things are possible, but not all things are preferable. We all need to work within the limitations of budget, resource, legal requirements and best practice guidelines. Rather than let these concerns limit what you want to do talking to an experience website project manager can help you find creative solutions.

An experience eye is worth the investment as it will protect you from common pitfalls and help you ensure your budgets are invested wisely prioritising improvements that will bring you the best return.

Talk to one of our website project managers today and see how ExtraDigital can support you to create the website you really want. Call 01227 68 68 98

Friday 17th November 2017

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