LiveCanvas for fast websites

LiveCanvas for fast websites

Since 2023 ExtraDigital has been recommending using LiveCanvas to build websites where the primary requirement is on the speed of the website.

LiveCanvas allows very fast WordPress websites to be built based on ‘clean and lean’ code. It does this by saving plain HTML code and removing loads of built-in bloat from WordPress.

All standard WordPress websites produce what website developers call ‘bloated code’ and when a no-code editor such as Elementor is used the amount of ‘code bloat’ can become excessive.

LiveCanvas 3 was available from July 2022, and before the start of 2023 ExtraDigital spent time researching and comparing the speed improvements possible when converting standard WordPress sites to use LiveCanvas.

The results were impressive - especially where the editable regions of pages are reduced to the bare minimum.

LiveCanvas can be configured to allow almost all areas of the page to be edited - and when we tested it, this still produces a fast, efficient website.

So in conclusion, if website speed is your primary concern - we recommend building your website in LiveCanvas.

Friday 3rd March 2023

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