Faster WordPress websites with Elementor Flexbox Containers

At last we can speed up your WordPress website!

An update to the popular Elementor no-code page editor for WordPress will now enable many WordPress websites to be speeded up.

For many years Elementor has been one of the most popular no-code or drag and drop page editors for WordPress. It became popular in 2018 and produced reasonably good HTML code, although there was a lot of ‘bloat’, in common with most no-code builders.

But over the years the amount of code bloat within Elementor has increased and websites are slowing down.
Speed tests on WordPress websites

Elementor Flexbox Containers were released in May 2023 and after this ExtraDigital have been testing these and comparing speeds with previous code and after switching to flexbox containers.

The good news? Huge speed improvements.

Flexbox containers are simpler containers that replace the previous system of sections, columns, and inner sections. It can produce much more efficient code, which is why the web pages load faster.

Even better news. All new Elementor websites built by ExtraDigital will make use of the new flexbox containers. But we can also adapt existing WordPress websites to make use of the faster and more efficient code.

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Friday 4th August 2023

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