Mobile to play a key role in retailers’ Christmas campaigns

This year shoppers are expected to spend around £40bn over the Christmas period. With more and more people using smart phones and tablets to browse the web it has forced retailers’ to consider how they will make the most of this over Christmas.

In December 2012 it was reported that there was a 17.8% increase in online sales, showing people have become more and more confident in buying online and the convenience it offers. This can be seen within the obvious increase.

This year, the volume of shoppers will see an even bigger increase. Adobe has predicted that smartphone shoppers will increase by 97% across the Christmas period in comparison with last year.

What does this mean for Marketers?

For marketers this means that you need to make sure that your website is mobile ready. Over the past three years there has been two high points in mobile click-through rate; one on the second Sunday of December which has been dubbed as “Mobile Sunday”, and then surprisingly again on Christmas Day.

The new tablets that have launched this year from Tesco, Argos and Carphone Warehouse are predicted to have an impact on tablet penetration this year. Making sure that your website is fully responsive to both mobile and tablets is essential if you are an online shop. The way customers browse the web has become much more social allowing people to share ideas with other using their mobile phone and tablets.

With current figures from the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) showing tablet and smartphone ownership sitting at 69% and 2014 ownership expected to reach 75% for smartphones and 50% for tablets.  It is becoming more and more important to make your website fully responsive. If you would like more information on responsive websites then get in contact with us today and find out how ExtraDigital can make your site responsive in just four weeks.

Emma MCCormack

Monday 18th November 2013

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