Is Your Website a Booking Delight?

Your customer want – a simple, easy to use and intuitive booking process!

Sounds complicated and expensive?

Not really, let us show you 5 areas you can focus on to give you a truly great booking system both for you and your customers.

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Super Simple

Booking should be a simple process so start by only asking for the details you really need.

Think what is essential to the booking and in what order.

For example a number of websites ask you to sign up for an account before booking or buying. This in many cases is a bad move and leads to fewer sales.

Instead if you ask after the customer at the end of the process to convert their details to an account and create a password the results can be much more positive.

The customer thinks that was all nice and simple why not all I need to do is put in a password and I’m done.

Top Tip: Using steps can help make the process look simple, but only if there are no more than 4 steps to your booking process.

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Beautiful Images

A picture can speak a thousand words and they can be a great way to convey the benefit of what the customer is booking.

Holidays and Hotels are obvious for images, but they can also be used for events, courses and even restaurants.

Images can give a good impression of what the customer can expect and also help to break up lots of text or form elements.

Show Your Dates

It’s good to show dates in context this helps people see what days of the week the booking could be on and perhaps data alternatives they can book.

It also helps you show if a date is fully booked or close to being completely booked.

This all supports your customers need for choice and control so they can book when most convenient to them.

The last thing you want is your customer being distracted checking elsewhere what day of the week the booking is on.

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Showing reviews and feedback from happy customers can really help for potential customers to not only find the right solution, but can also help show them hidden value.

Real customers see things from a customer point of view and will often cover points you might not have thought of. It’s these little details that can make the difference between a solid booking and a missed opportunity.

Responsive Web Design

Your customers have access to lots of different devices from mobiles to laptops and they are using these on a regular basis to search online for solutions and services.

All websites need to be able to respond to the limitations of different devices in such a way that customers can easily browse and complete activities.

Booking is no different you need to make sure your booking process is easy to use whether your customers is using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Having a great online booking website isn’t hard or difficult to achieve.

  • Keep it simple and only ask for what you really need.
  • Use simple steps, great images and reviews to enhance the customers experience
  • Show dates and give them context
  • Be mobile and tablet friendly with a responsive website design

Follow these simple steps and you can give your customers a booking experience they will want to return to.

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Wednesday 10th June 2015

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