How to Create Quality On-Page Content

Whether you are looking to generate leads, attract customers, educate customers or convert customers you need to create relevant content.

Once you have established your aim, creating content becomes easier. It is time efficient for the marketer and the consumer. We want to spend the least amount of time writing content, right? But, we also want to keep our readers interested. In return, the consumer and our target audience want content that will answer their queries.

Sometimes we can get lost creating content. Do you know the best approach? And are you sure where you need to begin? Don’t worry as this guide has been created to offer you top tips on how you can create the best on-page content.

Get to know your persona

When creating content, you need to know who the content is for. What is your audience interested in?

Researching the interests of your audience allows you to keep content tailored. This engages the audience more as you are offering them what they are searching the web for.

Not every audience has the same interests. For example, a newly passed driver will not be looking for content in the same way as a driver with 10 years of experience. The technicality of terms they use to search for content will differ.

Research your Consumers journey

Think about the stage which your audience and consumers are at. Are they looking for educational content, or do they already know what they want? There are three different stages that you could tailor your on-page content for, for example:

Awareness Icon


Consideration Icon


Decision Icon


Catering to your audience and tailoring content will ensure you provide content that grabs attention. This will assist in traffic to your content and assist with SEO.

Identify your aims

The aims of your content need to be clear from the beginning. This will save time and is more productive. For example, your aims should clarify:

  • Your topic choice
  • Who your audience is
  • Why you are targeting this audience

You need to think.

"What will your content provide the consumers?"

If your aim is clear, writing the content becomes much easier.

Quality over Quantity Icon

Quality over Quantity

Another tip is to offer high-quality content that is different to what other online content and blogs are offering. Content needs to be rich, and insightful and offer the readers a reason to keep reading.

When writing it is important to keep content optimised, but concise. The reader wants information available quickly and with minimum effort.

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Evaluate your Content

Make sure you are constantly reviewing your content. This will keep it optimised and ensure it is prepared to market to your audience. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is my content optimised for my audience?
  2. Is it addressing my audience needs?
  3. Is my tone of voice suitable?

Constantly questioning yourself throughout the writing process will keep your content on the right track. So, remember next time you begin writing content, think about what your audience wants to see!

Bring your content to life...

"Content is King"

Bill Gates

"Content is King, but marketing is Queen and runs the household"

Gary Vaynerchuk

Let ExtraDigital help you combine these trains of thought, through our experience and insight. We don’t just believe that content is King, we believe that content is King, Queen and Prince of your digital marketing activities. Content Marketing is the most authentic, and often most effective, way to connect and engage with your audience.

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Tuesday 24th April 2018

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