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The age old question in any business is ‘what is the best way to manage my time?’ Particularly in agencies, employees are constantly thinking about prioritisation! The ExtraDigital team regularly take time out to review our project management processes in order to refine and provide the best value for our clients.

The training this week involved some Lego and a dash of healthy competition. Before you ask, we weren’t just building cottages and racing cars! We often use Lego as a thinking and problem solving tool. As well as being fun, these exercises engage the team in a dynamic process in which the Lego models become objects that represent real life complex project management scenarios. Here are the details of today’s task:

What you need:

  • Locate your large tray of Lego
  • Using some base plates on top of blocks create a platform which is 8x16 in size
  • Find 8 2x1 bricks of any colour
  • Find 8 2x2 red bricks,
  • Find 8 2x2 blue bricks,
  • Find 8 2x2 yellow bricks
  • Find 8 2x2 grey, brown or green  bricks
  • Find 4 4x1 bricks each a different colour
  • Find 1 2x6 brick
  • Find a large window or door
  • Find a roof – this is the exception and can go on top of another brick

The Aim

Get the highest amount of points you can (see scoring system) by getting as many of the bricks on the base plate as possible - and put your colleagues to shame.

The Rules

  • Blocks can be added on to the base plate
  • In this game no towers can be made
  • A brick cannot be added next to another one the same colour (with sides of the same colour touching).
  • When adding the 2x2 bricks, you cannot have a red next to a blue or green brick, yellow cannot be next to a grey or brown brick. A blue brick cannot be next to a yellow brick.  

The Scoring System

At the end of the ‘game’ you score points for how many bricks you have managed to add to the base layer according to the rules; points are allocated as below.

Point Allocation:

Window 50
Door 100
2x6 Brick 20
1x4 Brick 10
2x2 Brick 1
2x1 Brick 5
Roof 20

Why not give it a try and see if you could beat our high score? Good luck and keep it clean!

Want to see the outcome of this training? Find out how we did in project management - the results and what this Lego task really teaches us about project management and time management. 

Friday 29th January 2016

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