Quality Processes & Certificates

ISO 9001 Certification

We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2010, giving a guarantee of well-documented quality control procedures and processes for client work as well as the business as a whole.

ISO 9001

Cloud Technology Management

ExtraDigital adopted cloud-based technology very early on for managing internal processes. We use a sophisticated CRM to ensure all staff can see what is going on for specific clients. We use a cloud-based project management tool for ensuring all staff can see progress on projects and help project managers ensure delivery of work to client satisfaction.

As a leading company in a fast-moving area of technology, keeping up to date with new technology and sharing best practices is important. We have an internal wiki for sharing technical knowledge and making use of social tools to help communication and efficient working.

Website Design Quality

When designing websites, we validate all website code and test the website with a number of browsers including, Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. We test all new websites on both PCs and Macs and on a variety of screen resolutions and monitor sizes.

Our websites adhere to the following standards:

All new websites are automatically checked with regard to accessibility and colour blind issues. We also regularly check all links (internal and external) are working, including those to other websites.

Amateur or “build your own” websites will often look very good on one browser or one operating system but look poor on different browsers and devices. This is due to a lack of knowledge and no checking or validation process.

ExtraDigital have a set of SOPs (standard operating procedures) and quality checks we work through during and at the completion of the website design and development process to ensure our websites correctly function on all browsers and thus perform well in all major search engines.

PPC Management Quality

We were the first UK management firm to only use staff who had passed the Google Ads examination to manage client accounts. This continuing practice ensures that all our account management staff are trained to the highest standards to manage accounts to the benefit of our clients.

Unlike many other digital agencies, we never outsource PPC management and all work is carried out by in-house, fully qualified staff rather than trainees or freelancers.

SEO, Social and Marketing Quality

All SEO and marketing work uses sustainable “white hat” techniques which grow the presence of your business online over time rather than relying on unethical tricks and shortcuts that will be penalised at the next search algorithm update. We never risk our clients being blacklisted from searches by using spamming or short-term boost tactics.

When acquiring links we focus on quality, not quantity, and exclude all paid links, exchanges, directories and other cheap, ineffective “link farming” techniques.

Unlike many other digital agencies, we never outsource SEO, social management or other ongoing marketing work and all work is carried out by in-house, highly experienced staff rather than trainees or freelancers.

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