Chinese PPC

Chinese pay per click advertising is a great way to reach customers in China.

China offers great opportunities for businesses. ExtraDigital manages many international PPC campaigns and knows that can be a great way to reach customers overseas as well as increase awareness of your business.

However, to be successful the campaigns must closely match your business goals as well as the target audience.  

Chinese PPC


Challenges of Chinese PPC Management

  • If you have ever tried managing PPC in-house, you will know how complex and time-consuming it can be. All too often budgets are spent without enough sales generated.
  • Experienced PPC management can save you thousands of pounds of wasted budget and still produce quality leads and sales.
  • When it comes to Chinese PPC, on top of management, you need the correct language, tone and cultural sensitivity. Google is not the most used search engine in China, so focusing on Baidu PPC is recommended when targeting China.

Chinese Search Engines

Chinese PPC Services 

At ExtraDigital we work to ensure that your Chinese PPC campaigns are a profit-making success including China’s heavy use of smartphones. Smaller screens need short, clear messages and fast-loading, responsive landing pages.

We are also aware that Baidu’s PPC service requires you to go through an advertiser certification process taking two or more weeks to complete. Read more about working with Baidu in our article: practical aspects of PPC in China.

It's also important to be aware of China’s censorship laws, as you don’t want to breach these by mistake. ExtraDigital will help make sure your business is not negatively impacted by these factors but can enjoy the benefits of selling in China.  

Why Choose ExtraDigital?

At ExtraDigital we have been providing PPC services for over 10 years and focus on getting our clients the most leads and sales at the lowest cost. Whether you are starting from scratch, or need someone with a fresh eye to optimise existing campaigns, we can help.

We believe strongly in using A/B testing to ensure your landing pages and ad copy are in the best possible state they can be. Everything we do is data-driven so that we know we are following the best course of action for your business. 

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